CEGR has been actively involving in research, capacity building and policy advocacy on green growth at central and provincial level. CEGR has been assigned by Ministry of Planning and Investment to develop the monitoring and evaluation framework for assessing the implementation of national green growth action plan. CEGR has contributed to the assessment of green growth legal framework under the KOICA’s funded project: Support the implementation of Vietnam Green Growth Strategy. At provincial level, CEGR provides training courses and consultancy on development of low carbon strategies and green growth action plans. Recently, CEGR has supported the Dalat and Quang Ninh to conduct the GHG inventory and to draft the provincial green growth action plans. In Quang Nam, Ben Tre and Bac Ninh, CERG has supported the local authorities with marginal abatement cost curve analysis as inputs for their provincial green growth action plans.


CEGR has successfully conducted many capacity-building and due diligence projects, particularly in climate change mitigation. CEGR is implementing the Framework contract for provision of a team of national experts in hydraulic/hydrological/drainage modeling and climate change downscaling a part of Project “Water management and urban development program in relation to Climate Change in the provinces of Ha Tinh, Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan” funded by development cooperation agency Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC) and coordinated by Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI). CEGR has also intensive experience in assessment and development of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) for many clean energy projects and Joint Credit Mechanism (JCM)


CEGR has participated in many assignments under the National Target Program on Energy Efficiency and Conservation (VNEEP). CEGR’s consultants have conducted energy and resource efficiency benchmarking researches in some selected sector: paper, steel, cement. The benchmarking results will be used as inputs for Line ministries to issue relevant policies to mainstream energy efficiency into management.



CEGR is the national partner for an initiative developed by International Copper Association, aiming to support the deployment of high efficient air conditioners in ASEAN through harmonization of testing method and minimum energy performance standard among ASEAN countries. Copper Alliance consortium has received 1.75 million Euro fund for the implementation of 48- month project under SWITCH-Asia programme funded by EC for sustainable consumption and production.